About Us
In 1946, Triarco® Arts & Crafts, LLC began its proud history as an arts and crafts supplier in the greater Twin Cities area. The original company - Gager’s Handicrafts - was a privately owned and operated retail establishment located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the early 1960’s, Gager’s Handicrafts merged with two other regional arts and crafts organizations to form the Triarco® Arts & Crafts company. The Triarco® company name was actually the brainchild of Mrs. Gager at the time of the merger - Tri (Three) + ar (Art) + co (Companies) - with the name representing the merger and no one organization standing out above the others. Each of the three organizations had mail order catalogs and retail stores. The Triarco® Arts & Crafts mail order catalog was developed to assist art educators around the world in obtaining product for their classrooms.

The Benton•Kirby Wholesale Gift Shop Supply catalog added a new dimension to the Triarco® organization in 1986. Benton•Kirby is a nationally known supplier of a full range of gifts largely sold in hospital gift shops and other small gift establishments. The Benton•Kirby catalog was founded by Mr. Charles Rubinstein (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) during the early 1960’s. Mr. Rubinstein’s sister was an active volunteer of the Milwaukee Jewish Hospital and had frequently mentioned how difficult it was to find products to offer in their hospital gift shop. The Benton•Kirby mail order catalog was a result of these conversations.

In 1994, the addition of the Good Time Attractions toy and novelty catalog added yet another dimension to the Triarco® family. Good Time Attractions (a.k.a GTA) was founded in the early 1970’s as a prize supplier for local carnivals. Over the years, market opportunities evolved so that today, Good Time Attractions is recognized in both the dental/medical fields and the educational fields as a supplier of inexpensive toys and novelties geared to school-age children.

Triarco® now offers nearly 15,000 products within the covers of its three unique mail order catalogs. We serve customers around the world. At Triarco®, our primary objective is to offer all of our customers the best customer service on the planet! We are committed to meeting our customer’s needs for quality, delivery, and service. We want every customer’s experience with us to be positive and friendly. We thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you.
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